Hydrate ice machine

Hydrate Ice Plus

The cleanest, best-tasting ice on demand

Hydrate HQ offers the world’s best in water and ice purifiers. Say good-bye to refilling plastic ice trays or dispensing unfiltered ice from the refrigerator. Our purifiers take ordinary tap water and transform it into an endless supply of hygenic drinking water and delicate, chewable ice. Enjoy the most refreshing water on the market or add clean ice to any of your favorite office beverages.

Hydrate Ice 312, 525, 540

Three innovative models. One trusted name.

Whether it’s providing patient care in the healthcare environment or serving staff and visitors in breakrooms, office suites and other settings, a reliable dispenser helps get the job done. In fact, it can contribute to better efficiency and morale, and even comfort and safety.

With the Hydrate Ice 312, 525, 540 you get premium reliability, time-saving serviceability and intuitive cleanability — along with the softest, most satisfying ice form available on the market today.
Available at all locations.

  • Antimicrobial surface protection
  • Quiet operation
  • Optional freestand base on all models
  • Touch-free technology
  • Fully removable components
  • SmoothStream™ water dispensing

Hydrate ice machine
Hydrate ice 330

Hydrate Ice 330

The Hydrate Ice 330 machine joins a long line-up of ice makers designed with your business in mind. This self-monitoring machine continuously communicates with the machine’s operating system, giving you complete confidence in its ice-making capabilities. The 330 is capable of producing up to 400 pounds of that delicate, crunchy ice guests crave.

  • Stores up to 400bs of chewable ice
  • Self-aligning front panel
  • One-touch cleaning operation