PW90 CT water machine
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Please read the following troubleshooting tips prior to placing a request for service:

Our systems are smart, so if something shakes them, they will turn off the water and say “service requested” – unplug the system and plug it back in. The computer will reset… it’s that easy!
All R/O systems take time to process the water. If you run out of water, allow the system about 20 minutes to refill and you should be ok.
If there is no hot water, first make sure you are pressing both red buttons (it’s a safety feature) or following the instructions for the touchless hot water dispense. Then, check the switch on the back, left side make sure it’s in the “on” position. Lastly, you can allow the system about 20 minutes to fill. The hot tank needs the cold/main tank to be at least 1/2 full to push water into the hot tank.
Unlike other systems, our system is monitoring water quality 24 hours a day, so if a light comes on it means it needs service soon to replace the filters. The water is still purified and completely safe to drink, in fact, it’s still much cleaner than most bottled water. You will need to place an online service request to have the filters replaced within the next couple of weeks.

This just means your machine is self-sanitizing at the moment. Service is not needed.

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