Giving Back with

Drink Local, Drink Tap

DLDT is an international non-profit focused on creating a sustainable water future for all. Through programming, partnerships like those with Hydrate HQ, and projects, DLDT works to improve water equity and the quality in the United States and Globally.

In Uganda, DLDT designs, builds, and monitors long-lasting water, hygiene, and sanitation projects in rural, under sourced areas.

Thanks to Hydrate HQ’s continued success, we have been able to donate drills to Uganda to assist in the ongoing global water equality and quality projects.

Since 2010, DLDT has helped over 30,000 people access clean water, 15,000 people now have safe toilets and hygiene facilities, 12,000 pounds of trash has been saved from our waterways, and over 15,000 students have experienced the Wavemaker Program in schools.

DLDT is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio and in Luwero, Uganda, and is a registered 501c3 non-profit in the USA and registered and audited international NGO in Uganda. Hydrate HQ and Drink Local Drink Tap have teamed up to provide clean water access to thousands of people in rural Uganda. Where is Uganda? Well, its in the Great Lakes region of Africa in East Africa. Ironically, people don’t have access to water, especially clean water, and walk an average of 4 Miles each day to swamps to collect it. In fact, 2.2 Billion people worldwide don’t have access to safe water.

In 2020, during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Hydrate HQ decided to support Drink Local Drink Tap in purchasing a drill that would help to create more clean water wells for more people for less. Now that this drill, #DeepBlue by Hydrate HQ is in action, it is digging for clean water with Drink Local Drink Tap all over rural Uganda. In 2022, it has already helped 1,500 people access clean water.

In 2022 and beyond, we need to ensure everyone has access to clean water. We hope not only to do that through Hydrate HQ and DLDT, but also with you!