Hydrate HQ bottleless water cooler
Compact & efficient

Hydrate HQ1500

The compact design of the HQ1500 allows it to fit conveniently on your office breakroom countertop.

Anti-microbial service
Ice maker & water dispenser
Touchless sensor activation
Self-draining drip tray
Six stage purification
Self-cleaning tank and lines
Fits under most cabinets
Optional free-standing base

Hydrate HQ1500

Countertop Ice & Water Cooler

The HQ1500 offers your staff hot and ambient water with an ice dispenser that produces nugget-style chewable ice, perfect for when they want different beverage options. This bottleless water cooler includes its standard multi-stage purification process giving you a perfect glass of water every time.

The proprietary filter formulations provide exceptional water cleanliness. Our state-of-the-art Reverse Osmosis or UF filter combination enhances the water by providing minerals and using an advanced sanitization process. The result is water with increased alkalinity and nutrients that is cleaner, healthier, and great-tasting.
Available at our California, Maryland and Ohio Offices.

  • Dispenses chewable ice, as well as hot and room temperature water
  • LED UV helps keep the water reservoir clean
  • Drainless technology allows freedom of placement
  • Available with an optional base cabinet to make free-standing
  • Touch-activated sensor operation for easy cleaning