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Hydrate HQ

Who We Are

Hydrate HQ is the fastest-growing B2B drinking water company in the USA, proudly serving commercial businesses in various industries around the country. We provide patented and exclusive bottleless water purifiers that our customers LOVE! Our high-end water purifiers are an alternative to obsolete 5-gallon bottle water coolers, cheap filter machines, and antiquated water fountains. Over 5,000 companies enjoy our services and our business has doubled in the last three years. Companies are seeking clean, safe, and touchless alternatives due to COVID-19, and we have the industry’s top solutions to this problem.

Service Personnel

At Hydrate HQ, we believe that high-quality drinking water and high-quality customer service go hand in hand. That’s why we employ only the best service technicians in the industry. Every Hydrate HQ technician:

  • Passes a full background check
  • Is OSHA Certified on aerial and scissor lifts
  • Is fully employed by Hydrate HQ
  • Is bonded and insured
  • Follows the highest standards and safety protocols

Not only do our technicians take care of the installation, but they also take care of any maintenance as long as our bottleless system is in your office. Because they’ve been highly trained and operate with the uppermost level of professionalism, you can count on Hydrate HQ technicians to be responsive, friendly, and on time. We care about your safety and ours, so you can expect our technicians to adhere to strict sanitation guidelines, including wearing masks and gloves while inside your building – It’s just another reason our clients trust us with their office drinking water and ice.

Hydrate HQ team ready to service your machines

Your Next Office Rockstar

Hydrate HQ offers the most advanced point-of-use bottleless water systems on the market. Eliminate your office needs for bottled water or plastic jugs, and enjoy refreshing, great-tasting water right from the source.