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Bottleless with Hydrate HQ

Thanks to the advancements in water purification technology, Hydrate HQ can offer your business a cleaner, safer, more reliable solution to those plastic water jugs, antiquated drinking fountains, and cases of plastic bottles. This sustainable solution reduces waste by providing an endless supply of pure, refreshing drinking water in the office.

Self Draining Systems

Our new water purification systems offer self-draining systems with touchless dispense and a deep cleaning cycle. No more remembering to clean that dirty drip tray.

Great Tasting Water

The Hydrate HQ mission is to provide you and your business with great-tasting water that’s pure, refreshing, and easily accessible. Out bottleless water purifiers eliminate sediments, rust, heavy metals, and other contaminants so you’re left with the purest water available.

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Hydrate HQ Sales Representative

White-Glove Service

Your monthly fee guarantees regular maintenance from a knowledgeable and experienced Hydrate HQ technician. We provide our customers with white-glove service that saves them time and money. No more ordering and storing those expensive subpar 5-gallon water jugs.

Elevates Office Sanitation

Say good-bye to those dirty water coolers, stagnant water jugs, and germy nozzles. Hydrate HQ’s bottleless water purifiers come with an antimicrobial coating, activation sensors, and a hands-free foot pedal operation so your water system is hygienic and clean from the inside out.

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Reduces Waste

Do your part in saving the planet and environment from unnecessary plastic bottle waste. Bottleless water purifiers reduce your office needs for single-use plastic and can help keep more than 6,000 plastic bottles from entering our oceans and landfills each year.

Endless Supply

Each Hydrate HQ bottleless water purifier takes advantage of the municipal water source that’s already being supplied to your business. By tapping directly into the source and sending water through our 6-stage purification process, your office has an endless supply of fresh, pure drinking water.

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Multiple Temperature Options

Want cold water and ice for those hot summer days? Or how about hot water for teas and hot beverages during the winter? With a bottleless water purification system from Hydrate HQ, you get different water temperature options within one unit–Making our systems convenient and space-saving.

Does Your Company Have a Hydration Strategy?

Clean, pure drinking water is a benefit in the workplace. If you’re already enjoying your hydration strategy, then you’re witnessing first hand what clean drinking water can do for employee health and healthcare cases.

If you’re not taking advantage of a hydration strategy, you’re not alone. More than 98% of companies who have an active Health and Wellness program do not integrate hydration.

Let Hydrate HQ be your solution!

Hydrate HQ90 and Hydrate 3i

Frequently Asked Questions

Browse the questions we answer the most.

What is a bottleless water purifier?2021-06-25T17:58:19+00:00

A bottleless water purifier is the cleanest and safest hydration solution for your employee drinking water program. A bottleless water purifier takes your existing tap water and transforms it into a refreshing, clean, tasty beverage. No more hassle of the old fashioned bottled water system!

What is water purification and why should we use it?2021-06-25T17:59:08+00:00

All of the elite Hydrate HQ systems use only the best in water purification technology. Our state-of-the-art systems utilize Reverse Osmosis to ensure the highest quality drinking water while giving each droplet an electrolyte boost for optimal hydration. Using a bottleless water purifier is the only way to ensure that your office has an endless supply of pure, clean, refreshing drinking water.

How long does it take to install a bottleless water purifier?2021-06-25T17:54:23+00:00

Our bottleless water purifiers are installed within a 30-90 minute time window depending on water lines, repair work needed, and/or removing a current system. Hydrate HQ technicians will ensure all clean up is handled in a professional way as well.

How does installation work?2021-06-17T18:57:36+00:00

Our installation process is simple and seamless. All we need is access to a water source, drain, and power. The Hydrate HQ team of skilled professionals will then make a few simple connections to have your purifier up and running in no time.

What separates us from the other water guys?2021-06-25T17:57:21+00:00

Hydrate HQ offers the most advanced hydration solutions with next-level hygiene. Our bottleless water purifiers are state-of-the-art, COVID-compliant, and smarter than that 5-gallon water jug found in most offices or medical facilities. We offer white-glove service and scheduled maintenance so you never have to think about keeping your water purifier in top-working condition.

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