PW90 CT water machine
Introducing the new

Hydrate HQ90 CT

The HQ90 CT is the most hygienic, ergonomic, and technically advanced water dispenser in the industry now in countertop convenience.

Hydrate HQ90 CT

Advanced hydration with countertop convenience

The HQ90 CT bottleless water cooler from Hydrate HQ takes ordinary tap water through a multi-stage Reverse Osmosis purification process before enhancing each molecule with Activated Oxygen.

These boosted water molecules help improve office productivity and focus, as well as promote good health and wellness in your workplace. If you’re looking for an advanced hydration unit for your office, then the HQ90 CT is right for you.

Available at our California, Maryland and Ohio Offices.

  • Touchless sensor activation
  • Anti-microbial surfaces
  • CleanContact™ Touchpad

  • 24/7 self-monitoring

  • Compact design

Anti-microbial surface
High-end acrylic front panel
Touchless sensor activation
Hot water safety select
Six stage purification
Self-cleaning tank and lines