Bottleless water and ice cooler
The Ideal Water Cooler for Small Spaces

Hydrate HQ50

Introducing the HQ50 from Hydrate HQ – The ideal water cooler for shared workspaces that keeps your workplace hydrated and healthy.

High-End Glass Front Panel
Capacitive Touch Sensor
Single Point of Dispense
Large Drip Tray
Dent Resistant Steel Frame

Hydrate HQ50

The most trusted water dispenser on the market.

Hydrate HQ’s HQ50 is a budget-friendly, ergonomic, and hygienic water dispenser that utilizes advanced filtration technology to purify every drop.

With a 1.82 gallon cold water tank ensures your employees and guests have a steady flow of water all day long. Capable of producing up to 80 gallons in a day, the HQ50 is no doubt the best water cooler for your small office space.

Available at our California, Maryland and Ohio Offices.

  • High-end glass panel
  • Dent-resistant steel frame
  • Ergonomic height for easy dispensing
  • 24/7 system monitoring
  • Auto-circulation technology