Hydrate HQ90
Introducing the new

Hydrate HQ90

The HQ90 is the most hygienic, ergonomic, and technically advanced water dispenser in the industry complete with touchless sensor activation.

Hydrate HQ90

The World’s Most Advanced
Point of Use Drinking Water System

The HQ90 bottleless water cooler from Hydrate HQ takes ordinary tap water through a multi-stage Reverse Osmosis purification process before enhancing each molecule with Activated Oxygen.

These boosted water molecules help improve office productivity and focus, as well as promote good health and wellness in your workplace. If you’re looking for an advanced hydration unit for your office, then the HQ90 is right for you.

Available at our California, Maryland and Ohio Offices.

  • Self-draining drip tray
  • Auto freshness & deep cleaning cycles
  • High-capacity holding tank to handle your whole office
  • Activated Oxygen Injection for health and wellness
  • Anti-microbial surfaces to maintain cleanliness
  • 24/7 self-monitoring of water quality
  • Touchless Sensor Activation to eliminate cross-contamination
Anti-Microbial Surface
Advanced Service Diagnostics
Touchless Sensor Activation
Self-Draining Drip Tray
Six Stage Purification
Self-Cleaning Tank & Lines
Boosted Hydration
Deep Clean Mode
Deep Clean Mode

This feature automatically cleans the cold water reservoir, water lines and drip tray. Deep-Clean Mode is pre-programmed to activate when the system is not in use. It works by injecting a concentrated amount of activated oxygen into the cold water reservoir. That water is then automatically dispensed into the drain-connected drip tray, cleaning the system. The Deep-Clean Mode is fully customizable, allowing control over the timing and frequency of cleaning, as well as the desired concentration of activated oxygen.

Auto-Circulation Freshness Cycle

This feature automatically dispenses a programmed volume of water into the drain-connected drip tray after a predefined periods of non-use. This cycle helps prevent stagnant water in the filters or lines. This feature is great for businesses with holiday breaks, schools with summer breaks, or any prolonged period of non-use. The Auto-Circulation Freshness Cycle can be programmed to customize the desired duration of non-use prior to initiation of the cycle, as well as the volume of water dispensed.

PW90 Self Clean animation
Animation of PW90 with self cycle
Self-Draining Drip Tray

High-capacity drip tray with optional drain connection to prevent the need for emptying. Automatic and self cleaning. Never needs emptied or cleaned.