PSD sensor attached with water cooler
Get Back to Work Safely with our

Hands-Free Options

Hydrate HQ not only offers clean drinking water, but we also offer COVID-compliant, clean-dispensing safety features. Rely on our most popular hands free sensor for a touch-less experience, or choose from either of our highly effective hands-free dispensing foot pedal operations and stop cross-contamination in its tracks. No more guessing the safety and sanitation of your point-of-use bottleless water purifier!

  • Durability: Made from commercial-grade material that’s been tested over 100,000 cycles.
  • Touch-less Operation: Hands-free operation for that instantaneous dispensing action.
  • Industry-Leading Certification: Independently certified to UL and CSA Standards.
  • Compatibility: Available for our  PW90, 3i, and 800 Ice & Water purifiers Does not void any pre-existing warranties.
Touch free water cooler

Our unique and stylish dual foot pedal is designed with everyone in mind. It’s easy to use and non-intrusive, keeping your cooler sanitary from the inside out. Designed explicitly for Hydrate HQ water purifier, the dual pedal operation allows your team access to clean and pure water in both hot and cold temperatures. By reducing fingertip operation, you can eliminate an office germ magnet while still providing your staff a hygienic drinking water experience. Remember: Hydrated employees mean healthy employees.


The single pedal dispense option from Hydrate HQ is perfect for everyone in your office or warehouse. It’s easy to use and non-intrusive, allowing you to keep the exterior of the office water purifier sanitary at all times. With just a simple tap of the foot, your Hydrate HQ water purifier seamlessly dispenses water into every cup. Your staff has full control over the amount dispensed, guaranteeing hands-free access and eliminating cross-contamination during every refill.

Foot pedal water machine
PSD Sensor

Are you looking for a discrete yet high-tech dispensing option for your Hydrate HQ bottleless water purifier? Then ask us about the PSD sensor bar. This advanced sensor technology ensures water is only dispensed when you want it. With just a wave of the hand, the Hydrate HQ water purifier will dispense your water and then stop once you move your hand away. Quickly change between hot, cold, and ice options by hovering over each option to change the dispensing operation. This sensory bar sits atop each of our water purifiers and provides your office with a safe, clean way of dispensing water.